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Coogee Gym Benchpress

Coogee Gym Benchpress

  • $497 USD

The Coogee Gym series was taken in Coogee Gym in Sydney Australia in August / September 1975, immediately before Arnold won Mr Olympia in South Africa.  

At the time, Arnold and Robert were training together twice a day due to the impending Mr Olympia competition in South Africa.  It was a leg day and Arnold had been doing squats, leg extensions & leg curls. Just before these photos were taken they were doing seated calves and Arnold had pumped his calves up to 19.5 inches and he said if he had done another 5-6 sets he would have got to 20 inches.

After the work out Robert suggested they should take some photos. Arnold was happy to oblige and there were 4 - 6 photos taken that day.

We hope you enjoy the photos and what we do with them!


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